“When the government is saying, ‘Right,’ we can’t say, ‘Left.’ International broadcasting has such a propagandist nuance,” Katsuto Momii [new chairman of NHK ] told a news conference held to mark the start of his three-year stint at the public broadcaster.

… NHK’s programming “shouldn’t be far removed from (the stance of) the Japanese government,” he said…

via New NHK chief: ‘comfort women’ only wrong per ‘today’s morality’; programming must push Japan’s territorial stances | The Japan Times.

And in completely unrelated news (that’s irony, folks):

A noted professor who regularly provides commentary on an NHK AM radio show has resigned from the program in protest over the public broadcaster’s demand that nuclear power not be discussed until after the Feb. 9 Tokyo gubernatorial election.

via Scholar quits NHK over nuclear power hush-up | The Japan Times.

The New NHK chief is supported in his views about war-time prostitute-slaves by Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto.

ALthough Momii “is rumored to have been the preferred choice of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as NHK’s top official”, nice Mr. Abe declined to comment on Momii’s remarks, “saying only that he hopes the public network will “maintain fair and neutral broadcasting” by defying all external political pressure.”

Presumably, once you’ve got your man in place, there’s no need to apply “political pressure”.