This sounded good: how to use an iPad as an interactive whiteboard, using some software called Doceri. I thought, if I watched this, I’d learn what Doceri is and how to use it. Well, I watched 4 minutes of this 7-minute video, and after that time, I was really no wiser as to what Doceri is, or how you can use an iPad as an interactive whiteboard. Apparently, you hook it up to a computer, and you need a projector, and you need Doceri, and you need at least one other bit of software… after that I tuned out. And this guy needs not just ONE video but TWO to tell you all this and more. You still awake?

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If you want to know what Doceri is and does, I think we’re better off going to the Doceri website. I did get a tip on something called ink2go, which looks more useful for what I want to do.

The above video breaks a basic guideline for instructional videos: explain clearly in the first few seconds what the video is about and why the viewer should keep watching.