Another great public service video by paperless master Brooks Duncan of This one is how to use iBooks to manage your PDFs. If you’re already doing this, then check out the link below the video.  Go to to sign up for DocumentSnap’s free 7-part email course on going paperless. Then, if you’re still looking for guidance, check out his Paperless Document Organization Guides (from $47) for both Windows and Mac users. (Click-thru and buy one and I get a few bucks from Brooks.)

How To Manage PDFs In iTunes – YouTube.

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If you’re already using iBooks to manage your PDFs, then perhaps you want to go further and add notes to your PDFs. If so, then you might want to check out the iPad/iPhone app GoodReader. Here’s a blog post on the subject of notetaking apps for PDFs: Doing Research with an iPad Part 5

And here’s an older (2010) blog post by Brooks on various apps for reading files on an iPad: iPad PDF Reading Roundup. It refers, among others, to GoodReader, which is a very useful tool if you want to markup and scribble on your PDFs.

Interesting post. The novel is slightly different from the movie, of course.  (BTW, the picture in the section on Red Blow is of Max Mercy. But you knew that, right?) My reading group is reading the novel now (and most members have also watched the Robert Redford movie). I’ve been blogging about it here: