Some 11 months ago, I wrote a long, involved post about how to get your Kindle notes and highlights into Evernote automatically, which was not automatic and very involved.

Here’s a better way. It’s also not automatic, but contains relatively few steps.

  1. Read your book on Kindle or a Kindle app.
  2. Highlight parts and (optionally) write notes about those highlighted sections.
    1. You can share your notes if you wish (on my iPad, the only options are Twitter or Facebook), but it’s not necessary for this procedure to work.
  3. Finish the book (I don’t mean it’s essential to read the whole book, but you’ll see why later).
  4. Head on to your Kindle page on Amazon (you may have to sign in):
  5. You’ll see all your books listed in some kind of order (I think it’s alphabetical), and probably your most recently read book is not visible (unless it begins with A).

    Amazon Kindle page

    Click on image to see a larger one.

  6. From here, there are 2 ways to get the highlights and/or notes of your most recently read book. One is the long, pretty way, two is the shortcut:
    1. Find your book in the list and click on the title. This will take you to this page where you (again) have 2 choices.

      Click on image for a clearer version

      1. (Refers to the circle 1 in the image above). This will take you to your highlights.
      2. This will open your highlights in a pop-up window

        Click on image for a clearer version

        Click on image for a clearer version

  7. From your Amazon Kindle page (see first screenshot above), click on “Your Highlights”. This will take you to your highlights page, with the most recent ones at the top.
    1. I read books and make notes one book at a time, so all my highlights for any book are all in one uninterrupted list. If you are no so orderly and organized as I am, your highlights will be in chronological order you made them in, but may not be sorted by book title.
    2. Tough luck. In that case, follow the step in 6-1-1 above.
  8. If you’ve been obeying instructions, you should now have in front of you a page with all the highlighted passages from a single book that you read, and whose highlights you want to share or transfer to another medium or app.
  9. Assuming you want to copy all your highlights and notes from here to Evernote, just select all the ones you want then right-click and select “Evernote webclipper” and “clip selection” (mine’s in Japanese but trust me, that’s what it says).Rightclickhttpv://