Back in April, TEPCO was dropping bags of zeolite into the ocean. Also in April, the Japanese police arrested two people for selling medicine without a license. The headline says “fake radiation drug”, but the article says nothing about the efficacy of the product they were selling, “Premium Zeolite”. However, I doubt TEPCO would be dumping zeolite into the ocean or using it to purify its cooling water, if it did not absorb radioactive cesium. Nor would the Japanese Agricultural Ministry be burying it in rice fields in Iitate, Fukushima Pref. if they didn’t think there was a good chance it would do the trick. The Ministry’s experiment also included sunflowers, which were planted in many areas around Chernobyl after that disaster.

I notice the article assumes that if the medicine is not licensed, it must be harmful or a fake or both. The article authors asked no deeper questions.

Questions such as, were these people actually selling a zeolite product, and if so, is it as effective when taken internally as it is when used externally?

A friend of mine sent me the following info on zeolite and a zeolite product which is intended to be taken internally (it is actually a suspension of zeolite in water; it is not sold in Japan):

One of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, zeolite is formed from the fusion of volcanic lava and ocean water….

any old zeolite will not do; firstly, it is by its very nature full of contamination, ie positively charged particles attracted into its honeycomb structure – so it has to be very thoroughly cleaned – “activated” – which is a laborious & thus expensive process; secondly if it has not been micronized, the powder will just stay in the digestive tract. If it does not enter the bloodstream it can’t get to work on pulling out the toxins wherever they are sequestered throughout the body.