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ROFLMAO. The Xtranormal computerized voices only make it funnier – they seem to have a comic sense of timing. If you are eating or drinking, cover your keyboard and screen with clear plastic. You might also want to put on an apron. Then you’ll want to bang your head against a wall, but remember – medical expenses just went up thanks to change we can believe in.

I first saw this video a few hours ago. It had around 15,000 views. Now, 8 hours later, when I posted it, it had 46,780. How long will it take to get it to 2 trillion? Or even just a measly 600 billion?

Update: 182,031 (@ 2010.11.14.21:17)

Upperdater: 2,032,554 @ 2010.11.20.16:28 JST)

Update: 2,707,943   (2010.11.25.11:22 JST)

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