Over the winter vacation, I took on a number of new projects. New Year brought visiting family and that completely screwed up my schedule and routines. I tried to get everything back on board but it was a struggle: each routine or habit seemed to get heavier and heavier and I canceled, postponed, or gave up altogether.

A post by productivity coach Carl Pullein helped me get back on track:

You have to be patient, but it’s worth it. By focusing on one goal at a time you maximise your chances of success. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they focus on too many things and spread their focus too thin. Be patient

How to start the year off on the right foot – The Working With Podcast by Carl Pullein https://www.carlpullein.com/podcast/how-to-start-the-year-off-on-the-right-foot/6/1/2020

When I stopped trying to maintain all the new habits, routines and projects I’d set for myself, and focused on just one or two at at time, I not only got more done, but I also felt more focused and less scattered than before. Juggling many balls in the air may look impressive when a juggler does it, but it can lead to less productivity, not more.

Carl is a good example of a productive person: a prolific YouTuber who seems to respond to almost all the questions on his YT videos, a regular podcaster, producer of several blog-posts per week, and has created a number of productivity courses. In addition to all that, he also does one-to-one coaching, and I’ve benefited from his advice twice already and will be doing so again this month.