Jamie Rubin blogs regularly about “Going Paperless” and about Evernote (he’s an Evernote Ambassador). He recently blogged about using the smartphone app Drafts. I had installed Drafts but not really used it. Reading Jamie’s blog got me started by pointing out the advantage of using Drafts:

  1. automation – you can set up Drafts so that notes will not only go to specified notebooks and be appropriately tagged, but also be appended or prepended to existing notes. Very useful for adding to a list, for example.
  2. speed – if you don’t need the rest of Evernote (access to your other notes), then using drafts to write notes if much quicker as it takes less time to load.

If you are an Evernote user and don’t have Drafts, you might be interested in reading his post.

Regular readers of these posts know that I am very big on automating stuff that is repeatable. Adding notes to Evernote is one of those repeatable things, and I am always looking for ways to speed up and improve the process. Lately, I have been using the Drafts app more and more to get common “ad hoc” notes into Evernote very quickly. Over time, I’ve realized that there are 3 kinds of notes where Drafts has become indispensable for me:

via Going Paperless: Using the Drafts App to Quickly Add Common Notes to Evernote | Jamie Todd Rubin.