For you OneNote fans, DocumentSnap has written a blog-post about how an accountant uses OneNote and a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to go paperless.

I’ve frequently mentioned Brooks Duncan’s DocumentSnap website, and for good reason: his blog posts are often very useful, clearly written and apply to some problem or difficulty I have going paperless. I credit Brooks with giving me the push I needed to go paperless. I’d been putting off for months, but I took the plunge after reading his 7-part free email course on the subject. Brooks made it seem fun.

This blog post of Brooks Duncan’s is one in a series of “Reader Stories”, personal accounts of different folks going paperless:why they did it, how they got started, difficulties they faced and solutions they found, etc.

Especially useful, I’ve found, is people’s workflows. This is something that DocumentSnap creator Brooks deals with in some detail, with different examples, in his excellent Paperless Document Organization Guide – Specialist Package (click to read more details). I’ve referred to this over and over. I especially like the videos.

Brooks Duncan has a series of explanatory, how-to, videos on a number of subjects, not all related to going paperless but usually about some tip on how to streamline your workflow, Windows shortcuts, etc.

Here’s one I found useful: Video: Use the Windows 7 Send To Menu To Speed Up Copying To Dropbox. This is a useful tip for adding ANY location to the Windows 7 “send to” menu, not just Dropbox.

Brooks’ DocumentSnap site is full of useful free stuff, such as the video above. There are more tips on his blog.

If you are thinking of going paperless but unsure where to start, or even if you really want to tackle this, I recommend you start with Brooks’ free 7-part e-course which you can sign up for on his homepage here:

Then, once you’ve decided to go paperless, you’ll want to check out Brooks’ Paperless Document Organization Guide a steal at $47. This contains

  • A detailed 10,000+ word PDF manual covering all the key aspects of organizing your electronic documents and comparing and contrasting the most popular software packages for Windows and Mac.
  • At least 10 workflow diagrams with step-by-step descriptions.
  • At least 4 interviews with DocumentSnap readers who have gone paperless and are sharing what they have learned
  • At least 3 interviews with professional organizers (Paperless Specialist and Paperless Master packages only)
  • PDF transcript of interviews
  • At least 6 video screencastswhere I record my screen giving step-by-step instructions (Paperless Specialist and Paperless Master packages only):
    • How to find your files on the Mac
    • How to find your files on Windows and using ScanSnap Organizer
    • How to encrypt and secure your documents on the Mac
    • How to encrypt and secure your documents on Windows
    • How to use Evernote to store your documents
    • Step-by-step through my paperless workflow

As you can see, it includes info for both Mac and Windows users.

Today, I discovered that Brooks has an affiliate program for his Paperless Document Organization Guide – Specialist Package and I signed up straight away. I want to recommend products that I have used myself and got a great deal of use out of. Brooks’ Paperless Document Organization Guide is one of them.

It comes in three flavours:

He also has a guide to get the best out of your Fujitsu ScanSnap. I use this a lot as I bought mine in Japan and this English guide has been a great help:

Unofficial ScanSnap setup guide – combo. Click here to view more details

And finally, let me give another plug for two other Evernote-related how-to guides that I use a lot and have mentioned here many times: