I’m an Evernote fan, and always eager to learn how to use it more effectively. Here’s a tip I learned today. I usually don’t touch the “create date” because I never use for search purposes, but I can see the value of tweaking the date so that it becomes easier to find the document you want. Click this link to read all 5 tips.

Tip #3: Don’t include information in the title you can get from elsewhere in the note

Indeed, when I scan a document, I set the “create date” of the document to the date listed on the document. In this way, if someone refers to “the letter dated February 25, 2013″, I don’t have to search the text of the notes, I can simply search for any note with a create date of 2/25/2013. Here’s one such example from yesterday’s mail. I received a letter from Wells Fargo, which I scanned in yesterday (March 4):

Letter date

Note that while the note was actually scanned on March 4, the Created date was changed to match the date on the letter (February 25). The updated date is the date that the letter was actually scanned. (I didn’t have to change that date at all). Moreover, note the title. It is simple and to the point:

Wells Fargo Letter on Home Rebate Credit

It’s possible I have 2 or 3 notes with this exact title, but the dates will help me figure out which one I am looking for.

via Going Paperless: How I Title My Notes in Evernote | Jamie Todd Rubin.