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More replies to my question, why don’t they just immediately dump concrete on these suckers and be done with it (aka “the sarcophagus solution”)?

 on 26 March 2011 at 4:35 PM Concreting the whole thing would be a very bad idea:

1) It would prevent any sort of cooling. The casing would most likely crack and leak

2) It would prevent all investigations, lesson-learning and dismantling

3) The resulting “monument” would be a major emotional landmark for the anti-nuke community


on 26 March 2011 at 3:04 PM. Even if entombed in concrete, I believe re-criticality would be extremely unlikely, and perhaps almost impossible. Criticality requires a certain geometry – and the water acts as a moderator to help reflect neutrons back into the fuel to promote criticality. As you lose geometry and water, you lose the likelyhood of criticality also. Besides, it would be difficult to entomb themm, and far better to bring these reactors under control if possible so we can learn from what happened.

Also – Chernobyl can’t even be compared to these reactors – it was a vastly different design. It had a massive explosion in the core itself, and for all intents and purposes no containment building or vessel. Part of the core was vaporized in the explosion, and rather than water as a moderator, it primarily used graphite, which was set on fire by the explosion – all of this spread contamination (and actual chunks and bits of fuel!) around the site, and served to pump a large amount of radiation up high into the atmosphere

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