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Updated October 6th, 2018    2018年10月6日更新

  • I’m selling the following books on Amazon Japan. Clicking on any link below will take you to the Amazon page for that product. There is no obligation to buy and you will not be charged until you click “Add to cart” and then purchase. (If you do purchase, I get a small commission. Your price is the same whether you buy via my link or directly from Amazon. It’s a win-win!)
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  • Many thanks to those of you who purchased some of these books. And here are some more!
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  • 売っている日本語の本の全てはこちら>
  • 売っている本(英語も日本語も)の全てはこちら>
  1. mikerogers 「Schizophrenic in Japan: An American Ex-pat’s Guide to Japanese And American Society/poli..」 を 727 で@amazonから出品しました 日本より発送。丁寧に保管されたので、商品の劣化や変色、破れ、書き込み、剥がれなどがほとんどございません。使用感がない。 Hilarious. Mike is funny and knows how to write. This is in near mint condition. No markings, tears, discoloration or fading. No torn, missing or dog-eared pages.   Paperback, 288 pages including index. Ships from Japan. Published in 2005.
  2. SOLD! Click here to visit this item’s Amazon Japan page 売りました!新品はこちらへどうぞー>
  3.  SOLD! Click here to visit this item’s Amazon Japan page 売りました!新品はこちらへどうぞー>    「Maison Ikkoku: v.1 (Manga)」 Reading manga is one of the best ways to learn about Japan and its culture. Apart from the fact that manga are hugely popular both in Japan and abroad, manga are particularly well suited to the Japanese form of expression, “kankaku” or feeling, a combination of sensation, emotion and impression, rather than exchanges of ideas. This is the first book in a very popular series (also made into a TV animation), and is an entertaining story of young love with its frequent embarrassments, shyness and frustrations, extremely well translated.

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