Since Evernote’s latest update (version 10), I’ve been seriously considering alternative note-taking apps. In fact, I cancelled my annual Premium renewal yesterday, even tho I’m not yet ready with a working alternative.

I started here:

My first exploration was of Microsoft’s OneNote, because

  • I already tried Notion and found it too much work,
  • it seemed to be easy to import my Evernotes into OneNote
  • I already have OneNote.

Actually, that last item was false: although I have Office for Home & Business installed, I didn’t seem to have OneNote.

  • Step 1: download OneNote.
  • Step 1 problem: having downloaded a suitable file from Microsoft, the installation process told me it would involve removing certain MS products because of incompatibility. Continue/cancel? I cancelled.
  • Step 1 problem 2: MS Word and Excel have been erased from my pc!
  • Step 1 problem 2 solution: repair MS Office – repair finishes but MS Word and Excel still absent.
    • solution 2: reinstall MS Home & Business. Word/Excel restored. Now what?
  • Return to Step 1 and try again. This time, I’m smart: I don’t click “cancel” but “install anyway”. Ha! Fool me once… Wait… What? There’s a problem with the installation? Required removal of previous installation unable to be properly completed?
  • Sigh and call MS tech support. Choice: follow magic footprints online or pay $12 for a telephone-guided support through the process. Cheapskate, I choose the free online instructions. What could go wrong?
  • To cut a long story short… 5 calls to tech support later, I’m back where I started: Office (2013) installed but without OneNote.
  • Conclusion: OK, what’s the next alternative on the list after OneNote?