OK, what’s the next alternative on the list after SimpleNote?

Google Keep? No thanks. Next!

If your main problem with Evernote is that it doesn’t efficiently allow you to share notes with your team members then you should try out Notejoy.

Top 15 Best Evernote Alternatives You Can Use – July 2020

Well, that’s NOT my main problem with it. I don’t have a team and am not into sharing. Next!

calling DEVONthink a note-taking app will be undermining its full potential as it’s not only a note-taking app, it’s also a full-blown document management system that can handle PDFs, links, and more. The app even has a built-in browser which lets you open the links inside the app itself.

Top 15 Best Evernote Alternatives You Can Use – July 2020

This sounds like overkill for my needs, but as my first choice Simplenote doesn’t seem to handle attachments well, I might check it out. I hope it offers a free trial. Scratch that: only available in Mac/iOS (and no free trial for the iOS version). Exploration will have to wait till I’ve weaned myself off Windoze. Coupla vids I checked out to learn a bit more about it


(The above video alerted me to the existence of an app called Obsidian, and I was interested enough in it to check it out. Obsidian will import Markdown notes. To get Evernotes into Markdown, I followed the “Bear” method below.)

If you are a Mac user, Keep It can serve as a good Evernote Alternative option for you.

I’m not, so… Next!

Zoho Notebook

Inside, you can create text-notes, voice-notes, add pictures, and more.

OK, interesting and free, but… not available for Windows, so pass for the time being. Next!

CintaNotes is a very good Evernote alternative for Windows users. It is a lightweight, fast, and simple note-taking software

OK, looks interesting. I downloaded it. Problem: how to get my existing 10,000+ Evernotes into CintaNotes? It won’t import an Evernote enex file. I need to convert it to an xml file first. I asked the Evernote community how to do that and was told there are over 16,000 results to a Google search on that subject. After carefully going thru all 16,000… well, actually just the first 20… 19 of them deal with converting to or from PDF or some other irrelevant format. The one page that told me how to convert enex to xml sent me to Github… Uh-oh. “Here’s the code. Go nuts!” Yeah, thanks but that’s above my pay-grade. Even this to-pay-for product won’t do it. There’s a package to convert to Markdown, which might come in handy (if I can figure out how to use it; there is a Windows version; I just tried it and my Windows 8.1 won’t let me open it for some obscure security reason. Oh, well). But for the moment, CintaNotes sits empty and unused on my desktop. Next!

Roam Research. Have heard about this, mainly from serious tech-lovers, so I’m doubtful. I created an account and discovered it will import json or markdown files only. So, not immediately useful. I’m on the 30-day trial which gives me a few weeks to figure out how to turn my Evernotes into either Markdown or json (whatever that is; oh! Github has code for that, which I can’t make head or tail of, but thanks). Next!

Milanote is kind of an endless whiteboard…

Yawn. Next!

If you want a simple note-taking app without the bells and whistles that come with an app like Evernote, Bear is the right app for you.

That’s me! … oh, wait…

One thing to mind here is that Bear is only available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac).

OK, I downloaded it onto my iPad. Now, how to import my Evernotes… That should be straightforward, yeah?

Well, this looks a little hopeful:

There are several ways to migrate off of Evernote and onto another tool. One of the easiest note-taking tools to import into is Bear, a Mac/iOS markdown notes app

Post-Evernote: How to Migrate Your Evernote Notes, Images and Tags Into Plain Text Markdown – Dec. 2018

And this helpful page also makes the process sound as if might be even within my own limited abilities.

Update: My imported Evernotes appear well in Bear. This looks like a winner. All that remains is for me to export the rest of my 10,000 Evernotes… What fun!