OK, that does it: that’s the 3rd time this year Microsoft Office has bailed on me. Each time, my entire Microsoft Office for Home & Business simply disappeared. The first two times were sort of deliberate removals – I was trying to update or install a new component and instead MS H&B simply deleted itself. This third time, I did nothing – no new installations, no uninstallations, no upgrades, no updates, zip. I just restarted and suddenly all my MS docs were blank. Sure enough, the MS H&B was gone.

I quit.

The last two times that happened, it took me several days to re-install it, a laborious process that never went as smoothly as the help pages said it would. Each time required a tech-support person to walk me through a manual uninstall, then a further two calls to help me install it as that didn’t go according to plan, either.

This sucks. I want a stand-alone application that if something goes wrong, I can simply re-install it from the CD. You know, like in the old days!

I’ve installed LibreOffice (OpenOffice won’t open my .docx files but LibreOffice will) and have rescued and printed out a document I need for tomorrow.

I’m investigating alternatives, including abandoning Windoze apps altogether and switching to writing with my iPad. I haven’t up till now because a) my iPad is old and small and b) the keyboards I’ve tried all sucked, but a Mac user I spoke to today said he wrote all the time with his iPad Pro and new Magic Keyboard and was very pleased with it, so I guess I’ll be checking that out.

Another possibility is to use Google Docs.

Both he and another Mac user recommended Ulysses for writing. It’s on my to-do list. By coincidence, the document I needed for tomorrow is a worksheet about Ulysses, the Greek hero, only they called him Odysseus. A group I teach has been reading and discussing some stories from the Odyssey and tomorrow’s is the one about the Sirens.

From https://thetrojanwar.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/trojan-war-tradition-and-the-monomythheros-journey/