Stop press!! The power outage at the Fukushima nuclear plant that halted the cooling for a full day was not after all a fiendish attack by that fiend Dr. Kim Jogging No, but by an extremely vicious rodent.

After some investigation, Tepco found a burned spot on an electricity supply system inside the still-crippled plant with a singed, dead rat lying nearby.

via 2013/03/20 19:22 – DJ: Rodent May Have Caused Major Outage at Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

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Dr. No may also not have been responsible for yesterday’s malware cyber-attack on South Korea’s major TV stations and banks.

Does this mean we can all relax? Or should those living in Japan and Korea and Guam remain alert and concerned? VOA reporter Steve Herman tweets:

  1. (more) “… as well as the Japanese mainland where nuclear powered subs are deployed & the Navy bases on #Okinawa.”

  2. #DPRK supreme military command: “Our precision target tools have within their range Anderson AFB on Guam where the B-52 takes off…”