The Coach's Eye - a new app

The Coach’s Eye – a new app

The Coach’s Eye is an app for iPhone, Androids and tablets.  It is made by TechSmith, and allows someone to receive a video (even if in a different format) on their mobile piece of technology, write or draw on the video, add voice-over/narration, then share the video on an SNS (if you want).

Cost? $4.99 (or 450 yen) from the iTunes store.

I’m not recommending this product as I haven’t purchased it yet, so  I don’t get anything if you buy it from this link. I’m not affiliated with TechSmith in any way, I’m just a customer (I bought and use and like their graphic-editor Snagit and video-editor Camtasia).

I wonder if there’s a use for this in EFL?

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