Speaking of cultural differences, here’s a biggie: “chivalrous behaviour”.

Do you open the door for women in Japan? Do you force ladies to go first? Are you sure they appreciate your gallantry? If so, the results of this online poll might surprise you.

That people might have different values to us, we can accept. In theory. In practice, though, we often find ourselves piqued, if not outraged, that our values are not only not shared by others. “They must be wrong! Barbarians!!”

What? Japanese women don’t appreciate chivalry? No, they do, but not necessarily in the form most familiar to Westerners.

Are you chivalrous? Are you sure your chivalrous behaviour is appreciated?  Read the survey results and rate yourself.

To most (I hope…) Western men Ladies First and other chivalrous acts come as second nature, but in Japan what we take for granted is unusual or indeed embarassing behaviour for women to experience. This problematic chivalry was the subject of a recent survey by goo Ranking

via Chivalry Japanese women would not appreciate | 世論 What Japan Thinks.