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Tech group helping Fukushima farmers fight radiation

Haven’t written about Fukushima for a very long time. People there are still living in “temporary” housing, the nuclear power plant is still being dismantled, the sunken radioactive cores have still not been salvaged, much land is still irradiated and closed to the public (and that includes the original inhabitants). Here’s a short video by […]

A new theory of cloud formation

Who’s got the time these days to watch an hour-long video? Certainly not you! This one traces the attempts by a Danish scientist to discover exactly what is the relationship between clouds and cosmic rays and the magnetic activity of the sun. He searches first for theoretical evidence, then later for experimental evidence. There’s an […]

Robert J. Geller: Back to the future: Restarting Japan’s nuclear power plants- Nikkei Asian Review

Robert J. Geller is professor of geophysics in the Graduate School of Science of the University of Tokyo. In the Nikkei Asian Review, he makes 5 interesting suggestions for the future of nuclear power in Japan. via Robert J. Geller: Back to the future: Restarting Japan’s nuclear power plants- Nikkei Asian Review. Here’s a brief […]

Spoof video – your phone, the latest surveillance technology

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2012/02/25 06:29 – Osaka Gas, SunEdison Jump On Megasolar Bandwagon

OSAKA Nikkei–Osaka Gas Co. 9532 and U.S. firm SunEdison plan to get involved in the construction of large solar power plants in Japan, highlighting the strong interest in this growing field as the country promotes renewable energy with various policy incentives. Companies are investing on the view that the market is set to expand in […]

2012/02/24 00:01 – Panasonic Introduces Residential Solar Power Package

OSAKA Nikkei–Panasonic Corp. 6752 on Thursday unveiled a solar power management and storage system for homes with the capacity to meet essential electricity needs for roughly two days. The package includes a 4.65kwh lithium ion storage battery and a power station that regulates the solar cells and battery. The battery is priced at 1.21 million […]

Nuclear Reactor Shutdowns Hitting Local Govt Budgets

At the end of last year, a friend sent me an email saying, “Apparently, all those nuclear power stations are not so vital after all”, after most of them went offline and the sky didn’t fall. Think I should forward this article to my friend? TOKYO (Nikkei)–With no prospect for the resumption of idle reactors, […]

2012/02/15 05:06 – Toshiba, Others Bringing Small Generators To Market

Three cheers for the entrepreneurs (and for supply and demand in a free market)! But how do they do it without government support? (Jus’ kidding 🙂 Sinfonia Technology Co. (6507) plans to release this spring a small energy generation system that combines solar, wind and water power, in addition to having lead batteries capable of […]

Japan Utilities Facing Supply Crunch As Mercury Drops

TOKYO Nikkei–The cold wave sweeping across Japan is pushing electricity companies close to the edge, with power demand surging to the danger zone of above 90% of capacity at six utilities.At Kyushu Electric Power Co. 9508, power demand on Friday peaked at 14.77 million kilowatts between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. The second-highest so far […]

They’re back! (Well, will be soon) – the Fukushima robots

TOKYO Nikkei–The Chiba Institute of Technology has built two improved versions of a robot designed to help with the cleanup efforts at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the school announced Monday. The Quince No. 2 and No. 3 nuclear-cleanup robots are more rugged than their predecessor.Dubbed Quince No. 2 and No. 3, the […]