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Scanning and organizing your files

This is a kind of product review and includes Amazon affiliate links (I’m not an affiliate of FileCenter.) You have been warned! Below the fold, I describe how I use Lucion’s FileCenter program to automatically name my scans and sort them into separate files by name. I’m a satisfied user of Lucion’s FileCenter software and […]

Password tips from LastPass

I’m a premium user of LastPass to manage my passwords across my devices. Today, I was alerted to a new LastPass feature – the username generator. I’d felt the need for random anonymous usernames since several years ago and had been using LastPass’s password generator to create usernames but it was a bit clunky, so i’m […]

Passwords and passphrases – upgrade your password security

I recently upgraded my password security after reading an Intercept article about passphrases vs passwords. The skinny: passphrases are better when it comes to something like a master password, or for locking or encrypting a local folder or drive, but for individual websites, random passwords generated by a password generator (such as LastPass) are quite […]

How to get your Kindle book notes into Evernote

Some 11 months ago, I wrote a long, involved post about how to get your Kindle notes and highlights into Evernote automatically, which was not automatic and very involved. Here’s a better way. It’s also not automatic, but contains relatively few steps. Read your book on Kindle or a Kindle app. Highlight parts and (optionally) […]

How to disallow comments for old blog posts – in bulk

WordPress has a single ON/OFF switch to enable and disable comments on all posts in a blog. But what if you want to turn off comments on just a few blogs, or all blogs older than 1 year old, for instance? Is there no alternative to editing each blog one at a time and turning […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing With MultiMarkdown | Michael Hyatt

I’ve heard about Markdown, a simple way of marking up simple text so that it appears as formatted, and have started exploring it (well, I downloaded an app, and saved an article on it to read later). Then recently this article by Michael Hyatt convinced me to get going with it. I started using Drafts […]

Revamping my Evernote

Revamping my Evernote. Why? I had too many tags (over 1,000) Too many notebooks (around 60) Too many “todo’s” scattered across 1 ToDo notebook and 1 ToDo tag (what the…?) Notes piling up unattended to in my inbox and ToDo tag and notebook Not doing regular daily, weekly and monthly reviews. Mission creep was affecting […]

Getting your Kindle book notes into Evernote

Do you read books on Kindle or a Kindle app on an iPad or similar device? Do you want to make notes or highlight passages in your ebooks but don’t know how? Would you like to have access to all your notes and highlighted passages even when you don’t have your Kindle or iPad with […]

Going Paperless: Using the Drafts App to Quickly Add Common Notes to Evernote | Jamie Todd Rubin

Jamie Rubin blogs regularly about “Going Paperless” and about Evernote (he’s an Evernote Ambassador). He recently blogged about using the smartphone app Drafts. I had installed Drafts but not really used it. Reading Jamie’s blog got me started by pointing out the advantage of using Drafts: automation – you can set up Drafts so that […]

Yahoo! Japanese dictionary gets the boot

I’m not a translator, but being an English-speaker in Japan, I often need to translate words and documents as part of my teaching job. I used to have a collection of large dictionaries, but now of course everything is online and there’s a zillion apps as well. My first stop for translating is always ALC […]