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Great story – the bank robbery

Mouse-tip to Lenz Blog.

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Yelping with Cormac | The Apple Store

Dunno what Yelp is and don’t care. This is priceless. Mouse-tip to the eagle-eyed Brett Kelly @ Bridging the Nerd Gap.

Apple Store. Given the way my uncle died havin a drink directly after his funeral just didnt seem right so I went for a walk instead. One of them downtowns where all there is is stores. Came across a store was a big cube. Two stories tall and all silver. There was folks outside just standin there. Line stretchin round the block. Maybe a hundred people. I saw a man who’d brought his own chair. He had a shirt on with the same logo as the one on the store. I figured he worked there so I asked him what the line was all about. What were all these people waitin for. He told me it was for a apple phone or some such. I said dont these folks have telephones already? He told me they all had apple phones but it was the older one. I asked him what would happen to the old apple phones. He told me about a fella named Craig had a list and everbody sold their old telephones on it. A telephone sellin list.

Well I told him that all made about as much sense as a horse with two heads and he laughed like that was the funniest thing he ever did hear. Said he was goin to twinkle it. I left before he said anythin else that didnt make no sense and I went to the nearest bar and ordered a double whiskey and sat there drinkin it. I guess I sat there for a long time. Wonderin if when Rome was fallin all the Romans was standin in line waitin to get that new chariot or the like. The barbarians at the gates and them just standin there waitin.

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Kenneth Williams, or from 1 year to 5 seconds in 50 years.

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Kenneth Williams, An Audience With (Part 1 of 8). Kenneth Williams was best known as a comedic actor on radio and television in the 1950s and 60s. The man who made camp popular.

Nostalgia hour. In the course of his 1-man show (which I’d never seen before; I mainly remember Kenneth Williams from radio shows – which tells you how old I am), he mentioned a favourite recording he had of Noel Coward reciting not one of his own poems (for once), but something called “The Welcoming Land”.

Well, it was but the work of a few seconds for me to find the actual recording.

Kenneth Williams went on to relate an anecdote about this recording.

He always associated this poem with Hattie Jacques because of a line in it that goes “And smelt the may, sweet as a kiss on a summer’s day” (he actually misremembered it as a “winter’s day”, but never mind), and he says for him, those lines represented Hattie Jacques.

He happened to mention to Hattie one day that he’d lent that recording (an old “78”) to someone and they’d never returned it, and it was one of his favourite recordings, etc., etc. Then, about a year later, there was some kind of celebration to which Kenneth, along with several others, were invited, and everyone had a gift from Hattie on their plate. And the gift for Kenneth was, you guessed it, a recording of Noel Coward reading “The Welcoming Land”. And Kenneth was so moved, to think of the hours Hattie had spent searching in old record shops and gramaphone shops, just to find that particular recording.

I found it on the Internet. It took me less than 5 seconds. Less than the time it took you to read this post.

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Caption contest
Having just upgraded to WP3.2, something is screwy with the photo insertion function, so you’ll just have to click the link and see for yourself. Leave your suggestions here, tho, for posterity.

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United States to examine the effectiveness of nuclear weapons using minute amounts of plutonium in letters

What!!?!?? I’m sorry, I’ll read that again.

U.S. defends plutonium tests in response to protests from Hiroshima+.

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Dominique is French toast

Very well made, very clever, a catchy tune, and I can actually understand the words because the singer knows about diction (I’ve been watching Keanu Reeves in Hardball and Reeves is the only character whose words I can understand).

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MAtrix Ping Pong

The other day I wrote about a very popular annual costume contest in Japan which I usually watch and this year I missed it. Someone else who missed it pointed me to this video – MAtrix Ping Pong – a winner from a few years ago. It is absolutely fantastic. I only wish the video were in better quality but it’s still a knockout. Thank you, snowwhite.

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Cherie Blair Writes from Lagos …. if only | The Libertarian Alliance: BLOG

Because laughter is the best medecine…

Dear Sir,Good day and compliments. This letter will definately come to you as a huge surprise, but I implore you to take the time to go through it carefully as the decision you make will go off a long way to determine the future and continued existence of the entire members of my family.Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mrs Cherie Blair, the wife of the late prime minister of Britain, who was put to death with all government ministers after the so-called national revival revolution of October 19th 2005.

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What will they tax next?

Dr. Gary North writes:

A major secret of successful taxation is to make it painless. To do this, taxes must be hidden. Governments tax output up the entire supply chain. The sellers collect the tax. The public does not perceive this.

This British video gets this idea across: we are taxed all day. It does not get across the idea that this is done through value-added taxes on production, all along the supply chain.

Dr. North adds:

The public needs to lose faith in the wisdom of the governments that impose taxes. Humor is a way to undermine this faith. It reminds voters that they are carrying a lot of dead weight. It does not get better over time. It gets worse.

And here’s another one, from Canada this time:

And here’s the last one (thanks again to Dr. North for these YouTube links), coz we can all do with a laff:
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I, Toaster

I, Pencil is a classic essay which instructs not only on the manufacturing process of even a “simple” product like a pencil but also on the free-market and capitalist system that alone allows such a complicated process to run efficiently.

A young Brit, Thomas Thwaites, decided to see if it really is impossible for a 21st-century man, alone, to make even a simple, cheap, product such as a toaster. An entrepreneur I know is always advising people to keep a record of what they do and to create an instructional video or website, possibly a business, out of it. Thwaites kept a record of his attempts to build his own toaster, from scratch.

Check it out. (H/T

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