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Barefoot shoes! (Not April Fool’s)

Barefoot running shoes? Are you serious??!? Yes. They exist. They sell on Amazon (and elsewhere). And they’re apparently great for you. A kind reader recently sent me an email with a link to her  very interesting article, 15 Health Benefits of Barefoot Running Shoes, According to Science (+8 Tips for Beginners). She’d spotted my blog […]

“Let’s plant some s***!”

Gardens – most people like them. They exist in every culture. And now, they might be saving lives. Check out this short video, then grab a shovel and “let’s plant some s***!” (Click here to see on YouTube if the player won’t play.) I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin […]

No Big Fukushima Health Impact Seen, UN Official Says: Scientific American

VIENNA, Jan 31 Reuters – The health impact of last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan appears relatively small thanks partly to prompt evacuations, the chairman of a U.N. scientific body investigating the effects of radiation said on Tuesday. … “What we have seen in Chernobyl – people were dying from huge, high exposures, some […]

Dealing with cancer

Someone I know was last year diagnosed with prostate cancer. They recently wrote me a letter. His doctor recommended a certain course of treatment. He decided not to take this recommended course at this time. Why not? What will he do instead? I reproduce below, with his permission, part of the letter he sent me. […]

Reddit Users save a life, maybe

From How the World Works. A friend of mine is due for a bone-marrow transplant, so I was interested in this story. I wonder what the rules are in the UK for compensating bone-marrow donors? [yframe url=’’] I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily helps you […]

Over one in six Japanese want a geiger counter | 世論 What Japan Thinks

I subscribe to “Yoron What Japan Thinks”. This guy has gone to the trouble of translating into English the results of online surveys that deal with consumer and life-style trends in Japan, surveys that I wouldn’t couldn’t read in Japanese. These statistics are interesting, but I also liked his comment on irresponsible journalism. I suppose […]

Radiation in Tokyo’s Setagaya-ku due to radium, unconnected with Fukushima

As I was grabbing some breakfast this morning, I caught the following bit of news about a radiation hot-spot in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Turns out, this may have nothing to do with Fukushima (and of course everyone assumed it did), which is funny because that blows out of the water the assumption that there ain’t no […]

Slides for Wade Allison talk in Tokyo | Lenz Blog

This popped up in my reader, and I’ve just downloaded the slides and quickly scanned them with my ol’ eagle eye, and my objective, expert opinion is that, if you are at all affected by the Fukushima disaster, or know anyone who is, then you would be well advised to read this. My policy, based […]

Wade Allison in Japan | Lenz Blog

Prof. Lenz blogs about Wade Allison’s press conference at Tokyo’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club recently. Readers should do their own homework, of course. I reproduce the comments here because it seems there is a lack of balance in the reporting on this matter, both in Japan and abroad. At 500 becquerels per kilogram, a person would […]

Japan – It’s A Wonderful Rife: Fungi Can Solve Japan’s Radiation Woes

Haven’t blogged about anything for a while – burnout, I guess, getting bored with the subject. But today I read an article that woke me up: Fungi Can Solve Japan’s Radiation Woes | Japan – It’s a Wonderful Rife. Pop over to Andrew’s blog to read the whole thing. It brightened my day. I sincerely […]