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Recommended reading

This is a list of recommended reading, books and articles that I have found helpful in teaching me to think more clearly and understand cause and effect. First, some links to articles I used in the presentation on Feb. 25th, 2017. Swine Flu:Swine_Flu_by_Rappoport_bitly_links.pdf MishTalk: 60,000 visas unbanned. Trump acted foolishly, irreponsibly, and likely illegally. Logical […]

Video: The Great Unwind!

I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily helps you make your WP blog GDPR compliant. Brett Kelly’s “Evernote Essentials”, Dan Gold’s $5 guides to Getting Everything Done with Evernote and Springpad, and DocumentSnap Solutions’ Paperless Document Organization Guides. Be sure to try DocumentSnap’s free email course […]

Dark Side of Camelot revisited

I’m selling a history book, “The Dark Side of Camelot”. The book reveals, erm, the dark side of John F Kennedy’s presidency. This is not just a seamy underside, it’s a 180 degrees from the image of JFK we were taught in school and developed thanks to the media. A new book about the Clintons […]

What Henry Hazlitt Can Teach Us About Inflation in 2014 – James Grant – Mises Daily

Henry Hazlitt was an American journalist who lived through the Great Depression and went on to write about economic (and other) matters in  The American Mercury, The New York Times and Newsweek. The Henry Hazlitt Memorial Lecture is a lecture held annually at the Mises Institute. This year, the lecture was given by financial journalist […]

Another Setback for Abenomics

That nice Mr. Abe has been working so hard to make his Abenomics work that it seems a shame that not everyone supports it. In fact, some people, like this writer below, can’t see the point of a 2% inflation target at all. Why ever not? He obviously hasn’t read Milton Friedman and is therefore […]

Japan’s Self-Defeating Mercantilism – Why isn’t the medecine working?

In the 16 months since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe launched his bold plan to reflate Japan’s shrinking economy the yen has depreciated by 22% against the dollar, 28% against the euro and 24% against the renminbi. The hope was to stimulate trade and push the current account decisively into the black. Yet the reverse […]

Deflation – is it good or bad?

Reposted without comment. Is deflation good or bad? You decide. In the red corner, repeating the “20 years of deflation” myth (prices did not fall for 20 years in Japan; they were flat. The evidence is here): “We should first make sure that Japan exits from 20 years of deflation,” said Hiromi Yoshida, acting secretary-general […]


Businessman, investor and IT expert Karl Denninger weighs in on Bitcoin. He seems to believe in inherent value, which Gary North does not, but otherwise he makes many of the same points. Speaking of Gary North, he has another couple of articles about Bitcoin up today. It’s all the rage! (Here’s the first of his […]

Abenomics, Shinzo Abe, Bank of Japan Infographic – Saxo Capital Markets

Can Abenomics save the Japanese economy? (Click the graphic to see a larger, clearer version.) Here’s a useful “infographic” as they’re called on Abenomics, produced by investment group Saxo Capital. Read the whole thing at Abenomics, Shinzo Abe, Bank of Japan Infographic – Saxo Capital Markets. The main points: How does Abenomics work? Structural reforms […]

Are Bitcoins money? Or another Ponzi scheme?

I blogged a week ago about Bitcoins, quoting investor Peter Schiff on the matter. His opinion: Bitcoins are not money and they constitute (yet another) grand Ponzi scheme. (Bitcoin was then $880.) As I write, the price of 1 Bitcoin on the Mt  Gox exchange is $1,158. In fact, it jumped several dollars while I […]