Strange to say, altho I’ve lived in Japan more years than I lived in my native Britain, I’m not a great enthusiast of Japanese “culture”: I don’t read the literature, I don’t study tea, calligraphy or flower arrangement. But I do have a soft spot for haiku. They seem to me to embody a key element of all poetic art: the ability to conjure up images, feelings, memories, longings, in words. In this case, in words that add up to 17 syllables. No more, no less. Do click on the link and visit “Calligraphy in the Landscape”s excellent photos of wisteria.

くたびれて  宿かるころや  藤の花  正岡 子規    1867 – 1902 tired and  get inn  wisteria flowers  Masaoka Shiki  1867 – 1902

via Calligraphy in the Landscape: Soft Touch.