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Brooks Duncan, who keeps the DocumentSnap.com website and blog, is a power Evernote user and a fan of Brett Kelly’s eguide to Evernote called “Evernote Essentials“, as indeed am I.

He recently got Brett’s latest revision to Evernote Essentials (3.0) .

Here’s Brooks’ review.

Here’s the nub:

  1. “Version 3 of Evernote Essentials has had large chunks of the guide rewritten and refocused.”
  2. “I really like Brett’s tagging section and how he approaches tagging in Evernote.”
  3. “There is a great section on organization and naming, and he even tackles the minefield of whether to have sensitive information in Evernote or not…”
  4. “The Evidence Locker chapter made me laugh out loud on Vancouver’s Skytrain, so thanks to him for making me look like a crazy person.”

Go read the whole thing. It’s short and sweet.

I am an affiliate of Evernote Essentials and will receive a commission for any copies sold through this link.

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