Barefoot running shoes? Are you serious??!? Yes. They exist. They sell on Amazon (and elsewhere). And they’re apparently great for you.

A kind reader recently sent me an email with a link to her  very interesting article, 15 Health Benefits of Barefoot Running Shoes, According to Science (+8 Tips for Beginners).

She’d spotted my blog post on the subject, written almost exactly 8 years ago, which asked if running shoes are a waste of time (and money), and referred to a Daily Mail article on Mexican runners who performed outstanding athletic feets (Stop it! -Ed.) Sorry, feats, while running in sandals or bits of rubber tires tied on with string. According to 15 Health Benefits of Barefoot Running Shoes, professional athletes do not use them all the time, but mainly when recovering from injuries.

I was so impressed with the list of benefits that I bought a pair of barefoot running shoes on the spot. Perhaps they will inspire me to return to my jogging regime.

The article mentioned Achilles tendinitis, which I suffered from as a child, tho I don’t remember ever being told the name of the problem. At the time, there was a comic series about a barefoot soccer-playing prodigy, which I enjoyed reading. If only I had known about the benefits of barefoot running, I might have emulated my comic-book hero and cured my tendinitis.

So stop reading this and go and read Jacky Miller’s article: