UPDATE: Another reason I like Opera is that it has a WhatsApp plugin that lets you read and reply to WhatsApp messages. How cool is that?!?

After playing around with Google Chrome for a while, I re-installed Opera on my desktop pc’s. Why? Because Chrome was so slow. And, I had to login to Google each time if I wanted my extensions to load. What the …? Extensions, of course, include my password manager, so that meant I had to type in my super-secret long-assed Google password BY HAND before I could load and use my password manager. I mean, really!

I blogged recently about Tiago Forte’s suggestions for streamlining one’s email procedures using keyboard shortcuts, which, however, I could not implement as my Google account did not allow me to access that function.  But Opera does have some shortcuts of its own: mouse shortcuts. AND keyboard shortcuts. Coolio.

I still keep Chrome on my USB, tho, because Opera does not have a portable version. Strike that. It does! Just installed it.

Update: 1 downside to Opera is that there is no Grammarly extension for this browser, so I’m keeping Chrome on hand, but Opera is my default browser.