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Tech group helping Fukushima farmers fight radiation

Haven’t written about Fukushima for a very long time. People there are still living in “temporary” housing, the nuclear power plant is still being dismantled, the sunken radioactive cores have still not been salvaged, much land is still irradiated and closed to the public (and that includes the original inhabitants). Here’s a short video by […]

Listen to your favourite books and give your eyes a rest

I’m on a Trollope binge at the moment, and now reading “Phineas Redux“, which is #3 in the series (after “Can You Forgive Her?”, Phineas Finn”, “The Eustace Diamonds”, and followed by 2 more) . I just bought my Black Friday Audible membership which is just £3.99 per month for 4 months. After your first free […]

Scanning and organizing your files

This is a kind of product review and includes Amazon affiliate links (I’m not an affiliate of FileCenter.) You have been warned! Below the fold, I describe how I use Lucion’s FileCenter program to automatically name my scans and sort them into separate files by name. I’m a satisfied user of Lucion’s FileCenter software and […]

More books for sale

Updated November 8th, 2018  2018年11月8日に更新 I’m selling the following books on Amazon Japan. Clicking on any link below will take you to the Amazon page for that product. There is no obligation to buy and you will not be charged until you click “Add to cart” and then purchase. (If you do purchase, I get a […]

Where did you go today?

I’m on holiday. Here’s where I went today, a journey of the heart, as well as the mind. I found beauty that needs no words to introduce it. Indeed, no words can do it justice. Enjoy. Did you know the U20’s women’s soccer World Cup is now in progress? Check’em out: Here’s a cracker from […]

Ray Bradbury’s reading program for budding writers

In a keynote address in 2001, writer Ray Bradbury offered the following reading program to his listeners of budding writers: every night for the next 1,000 nights, read one short story one poem one essay I started yesterday. And I’ve added a goal of writing 1,000 words per day. I wrote 1,000 yesterday. I think […]

Writers on writing – Paul Auster

This came up in my YouTube “recommended” side-bar. I’ve not read anything by Auster, wasn’t even sure if he was British or American until I heard him speak. He has a pleasant face and I like listening to his voice. Can’t say that for all writers, that’s for sure. Martin Amis has an agreeable voice, but […]

Rustling paper nightmare

Have you ever felt afraid, and not known exactly why you were afraid? The rational part of you will tell you there’s nothing to be afraid of, but the terror still lurks around the corner, in the shadows of your mind. That terror is the terror of nightmare, when the rational mind is asleep or […]

Writers on writing – Anthony Burgess

 Anthony Burgess, deceased British writer, (in)famous for writing “A Clockwork Orange”, a novel about punishment and morality which was made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick, which movie was subsequently banned for glorifying violence. A multilingual polymath, Burgess also wrote music (in fact, that’s what he’d wanted to study at university but was turned […]

Ray Bradbury – Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing!

You don’t learn to write by going to college. You learn to write by writing!…I can’t help you become a writer. No university can help you become a writer. OK, I think that’s enough of Ray Bradbury, don’t you? It’s been quite a fiesta, hasn’t it? Let’s wrap this up. There’s a number of themes […]