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Where did you go today?

I’m on holiday. Here’s where I went today, a journey of the heart, as well as the mind. I found beauty that needs no words to introduce it. Indeed, no words can do it justice. Enjoy. Did you know the U20’s women’s soccer World Cup is now in progress? Check’em out: Here’s a cracker from […]

Ray Bradbury’s reading program for budding writers

In a keynote address in 2001, writer Ray Bradbury offered the following reading program to his listeners of budding writers: every night for the next 1,000 nights, read one short story one poem one essay I started yesterday. And I’ve added a goal of writing 1,000 words per day. I wrote 1,000 yesterday. I think […]

Writers on writing – Paul Auster

This came up in my YouTube “recommended” side-bar. I’ve not read anything by Auster, wasn’t even sure if he was British or American until I heard him speak. He has a pleasant face and I like listening to his voice. Can’t say that for all writers, that’s for sure. Martin Amis has an agreeable voice, but […]

Rustling paper nightmare

Have you ever felt afraid, and not known exactly why you were afraid? The rational part of you will tell you there’s nothing to be afraid of, but the terror still lurks around the corner, in the shadows of your mind. That terror is the terror of nightmare, when the rational mind is asleep or […]

Writers on writing – Anthony Burgess

 Anthony Burgess, deceased British writer, (in)famous for writing “A Clockwork Orange”, a novel about punishment and morality which was made into a movie by Stanley Kubrick, which movie was subsequently banned for glorifying violence. A multilingual polymath, Burgess also wrote music (in fact, that’s what he’d wanted to study at university but was turned […]

Ray Bradbury – Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing!

You don’t learn to write by going to college. You learn to write by writing!…I can’t help you become a writer. No university can help you become a writer. OK, I think that’s enough of Ray Bradbury, don’t you? It’s been quite a fiesta, hasn’t it? Let’s wrap this up. There’s a number of themes […]

Ray Bradbury on libraries and universities

Surprise in life should be everything. You shouldn’t know what you’re doing. You should go into a bookstore to be surprised and changed. So that the bookstores change you and reveal new sides of yourself. That’s the importance of a used bookstore.” This is from an interview with Steve Wasserman of the LA Times on […]

Ray Bradbury on how he came to write “The Martian Chronicles”

Continuing my Bradbury spree, today I highlight a part of a talk Bradbury gave at UCLA back in 1968. Towards the end, Bradbury takes questions from the audience, and a man asks him what prompted him to write “The Martian Chronicles.” This launches Bradbury into another one of his animated monologues about how and why […]

Ray Bradbury on imagination

I’ve got a huge buzz and inspiration from listening to this man. I’ve spent hours in his enjoyable company thanks to YouTube. Here’s some gems  from just one interview. 2:20 “The ability to fantasize is the ability to survive. The ability to fantasize is the ability to grow. Boys and girls at the age of 10, […]

Writers on writing – Martin Amis interview 2014

Responses to a 2014 interview in Chicago of British author Martin Amis, focusing on his novel The Zone of Interest (2014, and Amis’ 14th novel, Wikipedia tells me). At this point, I haven’t yet read anything by Martin, but I did read his father Kingsley’s Modern Classics Lucky Jim (Penguin Modern Classics) many years ago, […]