My Nara Lady English Bloggers are hard at work again. If you like seeing photos of flowers and Japanese natural scenery, please visit these blogs. They blog for free in a (for them) foreign language. I can’t imagine how long it would take me to write something of similar length in Japanese. And it would need to be probably completely re-written to be anywhere near comprehensible. I take my hat off to them.

  • Sarah has posted her photos and story about her visit to see the wisteria at Kasuga shrine in Nara,
  • and Stardust has just posted a story about her husband’s remarkable grandmother, together with exquisite photos of purple irises,
  • and Chambered Nautilus has more poems and photos taken recently in her garden and on walks near her Nara home.

Fuji, or wisteria in English. This photo was taken by another Nara Lady English bloggers, narastoryteller. She provides some interesting history about wisteria in Japan, as well as some stunning photos in her post “Lady Purple”.

Fuji or wisteria

Fuji or wisteria. Photo by narastoryteller