Adobe Flash PlayerがRuntime Errorでインストールできない時の対処法 | songbird.

Are you unable to install the latest Adobe Flash Player? Are you getting the “Runtime Error” runaround?

This happened to me for several months. Each time, I’d curse the completely useless error message, click OK, and the installer program would abort. I suffered no noticeable problems with Flash or other programs on my computer, so I did no more about it.

But today, I thought I would do something about it and searched for solutions. Songbird’s was one of the top search results.

The problem seems to be a conflict with IME2010, Microsoft’s Japanese language input system. According to Songbird, it’s possible to make adjustments to this to avoid the conflict, but his proposed two solutions (he says) are much simpler.

Here’re Songbird’s solutions (Japanese language only, but links are provided and the screenshots are easy to understand):

  1. Install using the MSI installer
  2. Install using “silent installer”

Adobe Forums suggests a different solution using Flash Builder (Eclipse addin) debug program (in Japanese only, no screenshots; which is more user-friendly, boys and girls – Adobe’s or Songbird’s?) Surprisingly, this is the only answer provided to this problem on this forum. It is dated May 8th, 2012.

I used the MSI installer (it was the first solution listed on Songbird’s blog), and installation seems to have been successful. Mission Accomplished.

There seem to be other conflicts between Adobe and Firefox on Windows Vista / 7, (so far I’ve been unaffected) which may result in being unable to view YouTube or NicoNico videos. Songbird provides a link to a solution here. (And here are more at 窓社

Gary North wrote about this problem of being unable to see YouTube videos; he excoriates Adobe and Google (who own YouTube which is dependent on Adobe’s Flash player).