Let’s change the subject from “nuclear crisis”, “Fukushima” and “tsunami disaster” for a second.

Ever since I heard that (finally) a movie had been made of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, I’ve been dreading having to make up my mind whether I will go and see it or not. After reading this excellent review, however, I’ve been spared the agony: I don’t think I’ll bother (tho I might relent and watch it on DVD). It would have to be a remarkable movie to be worth seeing, frankly. Unfortunately, and sadly, predictably, it is not a remarkable movie, perhaps underscoring Rand’s belief that society has been on a downhill track since the end of the 19th century: we just ain’t man enough to realize our true potential. Or as Elrond put it, “Men ever fail of their promise.”

This is a first-rate review. The author really knows his Rand, his history, and his movies. And, he can write (“During the first run of the John Galt line, Dagny Taggart and Hank Readen’s achievements are dwarfed by the beauty of the landscape. The focus should have been on the train, the rails, the rising throb of the engines, the telephone poles rushing by faster and faster, as a vast streamlined art deco engine shot like a bullet toward the gossamer arc of the great bridge of Rearden metal. The spectacular Rocky Mountain landscape and sky should have been hidden by a drop cloth of clouds, fog, and rain.”)

I don’t share the author’s racial-collectivist philosophy, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading his review of this movie.

Why was Atlas Shrugged made on the cheap? Apparently the producers could not come up with a script or a concept good enough to raise the money and attract the talent to do a first rate movie, and since their option was expiring, they decided to do a second rate movie instead and managed to pull off a fourth rate one. This level of cynicism is frankly breath-taking. One has to ask: Is this how Howard Roark would have made a movie?

via A White Nationalist Review of “Atlas Shrugged, Part I” | The Libertarian Alliance: BLOG.

tamara de lempicka autoportrait

tamara de lempicka autoportrait