Brett Kelly, author of the ever-popular “Evernote Essentials” (click here for more info), blogged recently about 5 apps that make Evernote better. The short version: they are

  1. Powerbot for Gmail (I don’t use Gmail, but many still do)
  2. Placeme (if you really want to tell the world and the government exactly where you were all day every day)
  3. Everclip – totally useful; I’ve been waiting for this one.
  4. Drafts – will check it out
  5. and FastEver Snap – is this better than Skitch? I dumped Skitch because it was so frustrating to use (it wouldn’t do most of the things I thought it should do), but I recently re-installed it because they’ve improved it and now it does many of those things I think a photo-editor for Evernote should do. Many, but not all, so maybel I’ll give FastEver Snap a whirl.

As you get beyond the Evernote basics and your love affair with Evernote deepens and you start keeping more and more of your life and work inside it, you’ll almost invariably come to the conclusion that you might be able to do even more with Evernote.

Well, you’re in luck because you totally can thanks to the thriving community of smarty pants developers who have built some really great applications that work with Evernote.

Having tried and tested dozens (and dozens) of different Evernote-capable applications and services, I’ve found these to be crazy useful.

via 5 Apps That Make Evernote Even Better.