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Another Setback for Abenomics

That nice Mr. Abe has been working so hard to make his Abenomics work that it seems a shame that not everyone supports it. In fact, some people, like this writer below, can’t see the point of a 2% inflation target at all. Why ever not? He obviously hasn’t read Milton Friedman and is therefore […]

Music for Monday (or more babes playing crazy piano)

Came home today with  the last movement of Prokofieff’s Piano Sonata No. 7 playing in my head, for some reason. Haven’t heard it in years. The first time I heard it was I think Martha Argerich playing it. I heard it once. I told my piano teacher “I want to play that!” She freaked out. […]

Music for Sunday

My wife and I are both fans of jazz pianist Keith Jarrett and many years ago went to see him play in Osaka. He was back in Osaka a few days ago, but cut his performance short because he was distracted by the poor manners of the audience who made so much noise coughing and […]

TEPCO : Decommissioning Plan of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power

TEPCO’S Fuel Removal from Unit 4 website has at long last been updated (mouse-tip to the ever-alert EX-SKF). EX-SKF blogs about SFP for reactor #3: they have begun to clear away debris, including the Fuel Handling Machine which was wrecked in the earthquake/tsunami. 814 out of 1533 fuel assemblies moved is now over half-way (53%, […]