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May peace prevail in your heart

End of war would be great, but that’s only cease-fire. War can start up again any time. Peace is a feeling in the heart – contentment, satisfaction, fulfilment, love, joy, call it what you will, the words don’t matter. I want to feel that feeling. Today. And again tomorrow. And as often as possible. A […]

Donate: Help get them home | Amnesty International UK

My name is Birtukan Mideksa and I was serving a life sentence when the Ethiopian government set me free – thanks to pressure from Amnesty International. via Help get them home | Amnesty International UK. This is a success story. Now Mideksa is asking for people’s help to pressurize the Ethiopian government to free journalist […]

Yahoo! Japanese dictionary gets the boot

I’m not a translator, but being an English-speaker in Japan, I often need to translate words and documents as part of my teaching job. I used to have a collection of large dictionaries, but now of course everything is online and there’s a zillion apps as well. My first stop for translating is always ALC […]

Bitcoin Slammed As Baidu Suspends Payments Due To “Fluctuations” | Zero Hedge

Oh dear oh dear. Bitcoin is as of this writing, at let me see… $728. Bitcoin is being sold aggressively on heavy volume as this headline hits: BAIDU SUSPENDS BITCOIN PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE ON VALUE FLUCTUATION and It appears Mt.Gox has crashed trying to handle a very large sell order. via Bitcoin Slammed As Baidu Suspends […]


Businessman, investor and IT expert Karl Denninger weighs in on Bitcoin. He seems to believe in inherent value, which Gary North does not, but otherwise he makes many of the same points. Speaking of Gary North, he has another couple of articles about Bitcoin up today. It’s all the rage! (Here’s the first of his […]

This is a game I’m playing: this would be a very different future

In Ayn Rand‘s novel, “Atlas Shrugged“, America crumbles socially and technologically because of increasing government intervention in business and the economy, all in the name of “the people” or “the social welfare” or “the common good”. The results are that the “common good” kinda get it in the shorts, as prices rises, food becomes scarce […]

Abenomics, Shinzo Abe, Bank of Japan Infographic – Saxo Capital Markets

Can Abenomics save the Japanese economy? (Click the graphic to see a larger, clearer version.) Here’s a useful “infographic” as they’re called on Abenomics, produced by investment group Saxo Capital. Read the whole thing at Abenomics, Shinzo Abe, Bank of Japan Infographic – Saxo Capital Markets. The main points: How does Abenomics work? Structural reforms […]