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Are Bitcoins money? Or another Ponzi scheme?

I blogged a week ago about Bitcoins, quoting investor Peter Schiff on the matter. His opinion: Bitcoins are not money and they constitute (yet another) grand Ponzi scheme. (Bitcoin was then $880.) As I write, the price of 1 Bitcoin on the Mt  Gox exchange is $1,158. In fact, it jumped several dollars while I […]

The real reason Fukushima uses such dangerous radioactive materials

 I personally believe that all nations using a Uranium/Plutonium fuel cycle (that would be all of the present ones) are doing so because they want to leave open at least the capability if not the immediate and present production of nuclear weapons. This is hardly a secret, but you don’t often read about it. Why?  Because there […]

Bitcoin vs. Gold Video | Peter Schiff’s Official Gold Blog

A few months ago, I became interested in Bitcoin. The price then was around $250. It is now, as of this writing, $880 and still rising daily. Feel tempted to get on the bandwagon? Is this the currency of the future? Or another Tulip Bulb mania? Investor Peter Schiff, in this video, says that Bitcoin […]

The First Cask from Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Was Safely Lowered, Transported to the Common Pool | EXSKF

It has been dubbed, perhaps somewhat hysterically, the most dangerous situation since the Cuban Missile Crisis: the task of removing the fuel rods from the Spent Fuel Pool next to Reactor 4 at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. A mistake during this operation could result in a far worse release of radiation than any that has […]

Nobel Winner Dares To Go There: “No Reason To Fear Deflation… Greece May Benefit From Gold Standard” | Zero Hedge

Continuing my investigation into inflation and deflation, I notice that the recent winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Thomas Sargent, has stated that “there is no reason to fear deflation.” Is that nice Mr. Abe listening, I wonder? “Historically, there is no reason to fear deflation,” Nobel Laureate Thomas Sargent explains to Germany’s, […]

5 Apps That Make Evernote Even Better

Brett Kelly, author of the ever-popular “Evernote Essentials” (click here for more info), blogged recently about 5 apps that make Evernote better. The short version: they are Powerbot for Gmail (I don’t use Gmail, but many still do) Placeme (if you really want to tell the world and the government exactly where you were all […]

Going Paperless: Using Shortcuts in Evernote to Speed Up Your Work | Jamie Todd Rubin

Fiction-writer and Evernote Ambassador Jamie Rubin writes regularly about Evernote (and fiction writing and related stuff), and I’ve found his posts on Evernote to be extremely valuable and interesting. Here’s a recent one, on shortcuts in Evernote. I received an email from a reader of these posts noting the shortcuts I have in Evernote in […]

Why my next cell-phone won’t be an iPhone

I have an iPhone 4s. Since Apple rolled out a new operating system for iPhones and iPads (iOS 7), my phone’s performance has deteriorate step by step. What are those steps? Let me count them! Wifi worked intermittently, then stopped altogether. I no longer even bother trying. When I went to my cell-phone provider about […]

Best scenario for all economies: mild deflation?

The natural path for all economies is a mild deflation in the amount of productivity improvement, averaging 2-3% annually. via Here Comes the Spin (Central Banks) in [Market Ticker] Coninuing my investigation into inflation (the desirability of) and deflation (the evils of), the above is one businessman’s opinion. He writes (emphasis in the original): I’m […]

JGBs Declared Dead by Mizuho as Kuroda Hides Risks: Japan Credit

“The JGB market is dead with only the BOJ driving bond prices,” said Tetsuya Miura, the chief bond strategist at Tokyo-based Mizuho, one of the 23 primary dealers obliged to bid at government auctions.” Dead? That doesn’t sound very healthy, does it, boys and girls? This blog post is part of a series on the […]