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Why that Jane Austen quotation on the new £10 note is a major blunder | Business | The Guardian

The Bank of England has a new governor- Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada. And there is a new £10 note with an image of Jane Austen on it – a reproduction of the only known portrait of  Austen, penned by her sister Cassandra. And the note includes an Austen quote (from […]

China Go Boom (Along with Japan) in [Market Ticker]

If you’re invested in Japan’s stock market and reading this while drinking something, you might want to put it down first. Or just laugh it off as another “gloom and doom” merchant, and when have they ever been right. Right? Overnight the Nikkei was down about 3%, which ought to be a loud warning as […]

Summer on Mt. Tateyama and Kiso-komagatake

Many people try and escape the summer heat by traveling in the mountains. This is true in Japan, China and India (but not in the UK because we don’t have any mountains). The best time to go, if you want to see the mountain flowers, is in June-early July. Due to my work I can […]

Japan Tells Firms “Stop Sitting on Cash”, Ignore the Lack of Customers

Abe now tells Japanese firms “Stop Sitting on Cash” via Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Japan Tells Firms “Stop Sitting on Cash”, Ignore the Lack of Customers. Click one of the 2 links above to read more. Below are Mish’s frank comments: What is with these central planning fools anyway? Not only do they think […]

Hazel Paperless Webinar Update | Tips To Learn How To Go Paperless | DocumentSnap Paperless Blog

For Mac users who either use or are interested in using Hazel to help them with their “going paperless” mission, Brooks Duncan of has a tutorial, to which he’s added an update for recent innovative change Hazel has added. Back in November 2012, I held a webinar called Going Paperless With Hazel for members […]

It’s all okay, Hillary feels families’ pain, we’re back on track « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Jon Rappoport is a top-class investigative reporter, and the man can write, too. He asks penetrating questions that many don’t ask. (Check out his pieces on Edward Snowden). Here, he discusses responses to the murder trial of Zimmerman, and throws in this fact: If anyone in Washington cares about black murder victims beyond Trayvon Martin, […]

Red Flags! | Zero Hedge

History is fascinating, don’t you think? Here’s an interesting tidbit: the ONLY time any nation on this ball of dirt we call home has managed to repay a truly humongous debt was between 1815 and 1900 when the Brits managed to set the record after their total debt to GDP reached a whopping 260%. Mind […]

Live this moment

Sunday evening. Tomorrow is a national holiday in Japan, although not everyone will be on vacation (including yours truly). So in this hiatus, take a minute to stop and consider just what this life is, what we want to happen, what we want to feel. Here’s a short 6-minute video I hope you enjoy. Voice-over […]

Cool travel videos at augment5 inc

For a recent writing assignment, a student of mine here in Japan wrote an essay about Gunkan-jima or Battleship Island (so-called because of its shape when seen from the waterline: check out the Wikipedia photo to see what I mean). I’d never heard of this place, but this student had been intrigued about it for […]

Mind Mapping Apps for the iPad: A Comparison | Technology, Innovation, Education

If you are looking for a mind-mapping app, this review might be of interest. I have not tried any of the apps mentioned.  Mouse-tip to tabletproductive for the link. Unlike the Android marketplace, Apple’s appstore unfortunately does not allow you try out apps for a couple of minutes and get a refund if you don’t […]