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Have a fun weekend

I come from a culturally deprived background – Britain: I had seen “Seinfeld” but could never understand why Seinfeld himself was considered funny. I mean, the guy does nothing. Kramer, now he’s funny. He just stands there, he cracks me up. But Seinfeld? He’s just a foil for everyone else. He’s the straight guy. Then […]

Abenomics – deflation is not the problem!

A succinct summing up of the problems (and the non-problems) that Japan’s Abenomics is facing. Mouse-tip to Zero Hedge for the link and video. Zero Hedge’s article also has I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily helps you make your WP blog GDPR compliant. Brett Kelly’s […]

Circling the drain

Japan’s economy looks like it is going down the toilet. There are too many articles warning about the inevitable looming disaster to list them all, but here are two lists, one from the ever-vigilant Mish, and the other from ZeroHedge (can’t get a URL for search results on ZeroHedge, but go here and type in “Japan”; […]

Lastpass – a brief review 2

An update on using LastPass. (Part one is here.) I’m using LastPass, a password storage program, as an extension to a portable version of Firefox which I keep on a USB thumb drive. I configured Firefox so that I can use it both at home and at my workplace computer. However, today I’m at a […]

Lastpass – a brief review

Evernote ambassador Jamie Rubin posted in early May about a new password-storage program that he was trying out: My Latest Automation: Password Management Plus Improved Security I’ve been using Access Manager Pro for the last few years. It has worked very well, and there is even a portable version so you can export or copy […]

Connected Data Transporter: Secure Online-Accessible File Storage | Tips To Learn How To Go Paperless | DocumentSnap Paperless Blog

Speaking of cool devices, here’s one introduced by Paperless guru Brooks Duncan over at his blog: it’s the Terminator, no the Enterprise, no the Transporter: It is a hardware device that you plug in to your router, and it gives you secure online file accessibility without having your data on third party servers. Everything […]

Cool way to carry your digital crap

Here’s what I’ve been using:               This doesn’t even include my 2 iPods which I use in class sometimes to calm me down play English songs for students. I also carry this pocket inside the bag I carry into the classroom. It doesn’t include my iPad2, tho.     […]

Seizure Warrant Against Mutum Sigillum | Lenz Blog

This seems to be a big story, getting bigger by the minute. Bitcoin has been in the news a bit (sorry) lately, from bloggers MikeinTokyoRogers, Mish, and others (e.g. economist Frank Shostak). Tokyo resident, solar energy and legal expert Prof. Lenz has been toying with a “kanji” for Bitcoin. Mutum Sigillum is owned by the […]