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How to Live a Messy, Unorganized, Flawed, Magical, Dream Life | DEG Consulting

Super-organized Dan Gold who uses Evernote and Springpad to help him Get Things Done and wrote an ebook about it and another one for Springpad has a blog and has recently started a podcast, has invited guest poster Michelle to write something on his blog. What does she write about? How to Live a Messy, […]

BBC News – Clear your desk and go anywhere almost paperless

Brooks Duncan of hits the big-time: a mention on BBC news: There’s been a huge shift in the paperless office concept recently. At one time people scanned purely for archival reasons. Now they make “access anywhere” the main priority. It’s often portrayed as easy – scan, shred, relax. However many little obstacles get in […]

Evernote just got better

The ability to search for text within PDFs and even with JPEGS has long been a great feature of Evernote. It’s taken the combined advice of Brooks Duncan and Jamie Rubin to persuade me that search is often a more effective way of bringing up the notes or docs that I want, rather than an […]

Going Paperless: My Virtual Bookcases in Evernote | Jamie Todd Rubin

  Since coming across Jamie Todd Rubin’s great collection of blog posts on using Evernote to go paperless, I’ve been plowing through his articles and putting many of his workflows into practice, such as automating things with IFTTT, and his brilliant suggestion of creating a digital version of your house. Well, here’s another one. If […]

Beat the recession! Buy your books 2nd-hand

Updated March 29th, 2018 I’m selling the following books on Amazon Japan. All profits go to charity. Click here to see all my book-sale posts, or copy and paste the following link into your browser: Many thanks to those of you who purchased some of these books. And here are some more! See all […]

Introducing The Productive Life Show Podcast! – DEG Consulting | DEG Consulting

Dan Gold, author of the $5 guides to GTD and Evernote (13,000+ copies sold in 12 months) and a similar guide to Springpad + GTD (both of which I sell on this site as Dan’s affiliate) has started his own podcast: Today is a great day. I can finally announce a new project I have […]

How Evernote and helps you create awesome websites – DEG Consulting | DEG Consulting

Dan Gold hosts a guest post on the subject of yet-another-useful-app, Even granting that he uses guest posts, Dan Gold still manages to not only blog about but also actually try out a remarkable number of new apps. His appetite is (apparently) insatiable. How he finds the time is beyond me. Anyway, here’s Philippe […]

DramaFever Brings Hit Japanese Television Series MISCHIEVOUS KISS: LOVE IN TOKYO to America

If you haven’t signed up for the video streaming service Hulu plus yet, I warmly recommend it. And apart from all the great BBC stuff that’s on Hulu now, there is now this: American audiences will be able to watch the hit romantic comedy MISCHIEVOUS KISS: LOVE IN TOKYO with English subtitles on the same […]

Text expanders – one way they could be very useful

Following up on a recent post where I asked if text expanders are really useful enough to be worth learning how to use one, I had a brilliant idea. It would be great for translation work. Why not use a text expander? Type in the English phrase or name, which will be the “trigger”, then […]

Text expanders – are they useful?

Paperless gurus Brooks Duncan and Jamie Todd Rubin both make frequent use of Textexpander, but as yet I have not taken the plunge. For one, it’s a Mac thing and I’m a Windozer. Second, I don’t have the time or the inclination to learn a new bit of software. In Rubin’s post, he mentions a […]