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Rising Fixed Costs Driving Down Discretionary Spending

TOKYO (Nikkei)–The ratio of discretionary spending to household spending is decreasing as fixed costs rise, weighing on consumer spending. I’m flabbergasted. Aren’t you? Who could have predicted this? Abenomics was supposed to fix everything. It just shows that bad things happen even to the nicest guys. It is just such a shame. What a turn-up! […]

An economics book still popular after 50 years?!?

Robert Wenzel on the collapse of the Soviet Union via What to Watch this Weekend :: The Circle Bastiat. Robert Wenzel (pronounced WenZEL) starts off his Henry Hazlitt Memorial Lecture at the Austrian Economics Research conference with some amazing statistics about Hazlitt’s classic (and most famous) book, Economics in One Lesson (see it on Amazon […]

Are Economic Sanctions Effective?

North Korea and Iran are under U.N. economic sanctions and have been for quite a long time (North Korea since 2006, Iran also since 2006). But are sanctions effective? Can they be effective against even intransigent and belligerent  political and military leaders? Let’s see what the Internets thingies say. The first clipping here is part […]

Dr. No not responsible for major outage at Fukushima!

Stop press!! The power outage at the Fukushima nuclear plant that halted the cooling for a full day was not after all a fiendish attack by that fiend Dr. Kim Jogging No, but by an extremely vicious rodent. After some investigation, Tepco found a burned spot on an electricity supply system inside the still-crippled plant […]

Ipad vs Paper Funny Commercial Ad

In the rush to go paperless it’s sometimes good to be reminded of paper’s usefulness. Plus laughter is the best medecine (and a good way to sell stuff). (Mouse-tip to for the link. [yframe url=’′] I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily helps you make […]

Evernote bookmarklet for iPad

Evernote is great, and I often use the Evernote web-clipper to clip and save text and pictures from the web. The web-clipper automatically saves the date I clipped it and the URL of the site I clipped. This is the tool I use the most. Now I’m using my iPad more and more, but there […]

Going Paperless: A Closer Look at How I Organize My Notes In Evernote | Jamie Todd Rubin

Today was a weird day weather-wise: temperature started high (yesterday was 24 degrees C, May temperatures for this part of Japan) then the sky darkened, it rained and the temperature fell (4 degrees C @ 5 pm). Apart from a short trip to the video store and to buy something for lunch, my daughter and […]

Going Paperless | Jamie Todd Rubin

The other day I blogged about a useful Evernote tip by Jamie Todd Rubin, SF writer. I’ve since discovered he’s an Evernote Paperless Ambassador and has written a truckload of articles on this subject, all elegantly written with colourful screenshots and hand-drawn diagrams. I’ve stored them all in my Evernote “To Read” stack. I’m going […]

Beat the recession! More great books at great prices

Updated May 7th, 2017 I’m selling the following books on Amazon Japan. All profits go to charity. Click here to see all my book-sale posts, or copy and paste the following link into your browser: Many thanks to those of you who purchased some of these books. And here are some more! See all […]

Going Paperless: How I Title My Notes in Evernote | Jamie Todd Rubin

I’m an Evernote fan, and always eager to learn how to use it more effectively. Here’s a tip I learned today. I usually don’t touch the “create date” because I never use for search purposes, but I can see the value of tweaking the date so that it becomes easier to find the document you […]