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Life imitates art – the Marketplace Fairness Act

Which is fact and which is fiction here? Can you tell them apart? A bipartisan group of 53 Democrat and Republican lawmakers have re-introduced a bill – the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 – in both the United States Senate and House of Representatives, which would require online retailers to collect sales tax for state […]

Multiple Evernote accounts

When you search on the Internet for “how to do” something, do you prefer videos or text explanations? If you’re like, you’ll probably prefer video. When it comes to showing someone how to do something, a video speaks a thousand words, and takes less time to absorb. Paperless master Brooks Duncan of, author of […]

Beat the recession! High-quality books at great prices

Updated November 10th, 2018 I’m selling the following books on Amazon Japan. All profits go to charity. Click here to see all my book-sale posts, or copy and paste the following link into your browser: Many thanks to those of you who purchased some of these books. And here are some more! See all […]

Brooks Duncan reviews Evernote Essentials 3.0

Brooks Duncan, who keeps the website and blog, is a power Evernote user and a fan of Brett Kelly’s eguide to Evernote called “Evernote Essentials“, as indeed am I. He recently got Brett’s latest revision to Evernote Essentials (3.0) . Here’s Brooks’ review. Here’s the nub: “Version 3 of Evernote Essentials has had large […]

Hulu plug

Hulu (disclaimer: I’m a happy Hulu subscriber, but not a Hulu affiliate) is a video streaming service that recently started in Japan. It is already in place in the U.S. and the U.K. Hulu hosts lots of movies as well as TV dramas from the U.S. (“Lost”, “The Sopranos”, etc.), the U.K. (lots of excellent […]

Hot off the presses: Evernote Essentials 3.0 is here

I bought Brett Kelly’s ebook guide to Evernote “Evernote Essentials” and found it invaluable. So much so, that when Brett announced his affiliate program I signed up. Now he’s come out with version 3. I highly recommend it. Existing customers, like me, get the update for free. It’s only $29 and well worth it. Evernote […]

Dads using Evernote to raise kids

From the Nikkei Weekly: Ayatomo Miyahara, a 41-year-old father of a high-schooler and two grade-schoolers, maintains an online family album. Videos of them are posted on a private YouTube account. He tweets about his kids and updates his Facebook pages with information on his daily dealings with them. He also uses Evernote, which stores data […]