This is not good news. Yet. It could become good news, one day, when action is taken. If “no-one says the current situation is good”, how come the current situation came about? Directive from God? No answer. The question is ignored.

Some good news. Just the other day, I was discussing this matter with an anti-nuke person, and we both agreed the present monopoly by utility companies is, ahem, less than ideal. Bring on liberalization! Tomorrow wouldn’t be too soon.

The supply of power to households should be completely liberalized, members of a committee under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry all agreed Friday.

Deregulation of electricity sales began in phases in 2000. New entrants have been allowed to sell power to large-lot users such as factories and office buildings with contracts of 50kw or more, but only regional utilities can supply regular households.

“Electricity sales should definitely be liberalized,” says committee member Kikuko Tatsumi of the Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists. “No one says the current situation is good.”

If deregulation is achieved, it could pave the way for companies specializing in the sale of renewable energy, expanding the options for consumers.

via 2012/05/19 01:16 – Govt Panel Pushes For Total Liberalization Of Household Power.