When I heard that the University of Tokyo announced in January that it would change the start of its academic year from spring to fall, it reminded me of this last condition.

The announcement means more than just a change in the timing of enrollment; it is a trigger for debate on making Japanese universities more global. And it is important that not only universities but also each student have a global perspective.

If universities change enrollment to fall, students will need to figure out how they will spend the half year between high school graduation and college enrollment, and between college graduation and entering the workforce. I believe those six months will give young people more opportunities to build up experience in foreign countries through traveling, studying and other means.

Canadian Solar Inc. will build and operate megasolar plants in Japan. The Canadian company hopes to construct four or five facilities this year, each with an output of 500kw to 2,000kw. It will sell some of the power generated. This would be the first time that a major solar cell manufacturer from overseas generates electricity in Japan.

(President, Sumitomo 3M Ltd.)

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