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Brooks Duncan: Make use of OneNote

Brooks Duncan of has a(nother) post about OneNote. This might be of interest to you, as my posts on OneNote vs Evernote are the most popular posts by far. Disclosure: I’m an affiliate of I promote Brooks’ products because I have found them to be very useful in my attempt to “go paperless”. […]

More stunning photos of Japan in May

The period of cherry blossom (“sakura”) is over, and all the trees are flourishing their green splendour. Here is a round-up of some local (Nara, Japan) English photo-bloggers. One Time One Meeting: In every wood in every spring there is a different green (inspired by a poem by JRR Tolkien, “I sit and think“). Cosmos: […]

2012/05/30 13:00 – Japan’s Energy Self-Sufficiency Lowest Since ’81

PARIS Nikkei–Japan’s energy self-sufficiency fell six points on the year to 13% in 2011, hitting its lowest point since 1981 and raising questions over the country’s energy security, according to the chief economist at the International Energy Agency. Fatih Birol disclosed the agency’s findings in a recent interview with The Nikkei. The energy self-sufficiency rate […]

2012/05/19 01:16 – Govt Panel Pushes For Total Liberalization Of Household Power

Update: This is not good news. Yet. It could become good news, one day, when action is taken. If “no-one says the current situation is good”, how come the current situation came about? Directive from God? No answer. The question is ignored. Some good news. Just the other day, I was discussing this matter with […]

After sakura (cherry) comes “fuji” (wisteria)

Update: My Nara Lady English Bloggers are hard at work again. If you like seeing photos of flowers and Japanese natural scenery, please visit these blogs. They blog for free in a (for them) foreign language. I can’t imagine how long it would take me to write something of similar length in Japanese. And it […]

Brooks Duncan of DocumentSnap’s latest video tip

DocumentSnapper Brooks Duncan is my guru for matters related to going paperless. And one reason I subscribe to his blog is for videos like this one. Brooks is constantly learning new technologies and playing around with them and learning their little tricks, then creating short and simple videos like this one on Dropbox (a popular […]