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Next contestant Nikkei from Japan, special subject the bleeding obvious

How much sooner would this have happened if Tepco was a genuine private company? Tepco has not gone bankrupt simply because it is being bailed out by the government. Financial aid from the government-backed Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund is expected to reach 3.4 trillion yen. The figure is already far higher than the 350 […]

Another useful video from paperless master DocumentSnap – how to save search in Windows

Brooks Duncan, creator of, has created another useful video – how to save search in Windows. (If you can, watch it in HD and full-screen, to see what he’s actually typing into the search box.) [yframe url=’’] Brooks’ videos are just the right level of sophistication for a non-geek like me, plus the video […]

Time run out for Japan? “The yen’s looming day of reckoning”

English-speaking observers of Japan’s economy have been sounding warnings since last year (and many before that), but within the world of Wa, there seems to be little sense of panic.  Has time run out for Japan? So says MarketWatch, and thanks to MarketingJapan’s Mike Rogers for the links: read Mike’s articles Yen Devaluation Now Imminent? […]

Going paperless: tips from a OneNote and Evernote user

Use OneNote? Use Evernote? Want some tips on going paperless? Read on!

Hugo – the movie by Martin Scorsese

Scorsese’s “Hugo” – a great film for all the family, whether you watch in 2D or 3D. Based on a real person. Who? Read more to find out.

ECB’s and BoJ’s balance sheet as portion of GDP

The above graphic is from an RT interview with “Tragedy of the Euro” author and economics professor, Philip Bagus (Bagus’ interview begins @ 16:15). Bastiat Circle blog has the transcript and the video. What happens in Europe, of course, impinges on Japan because Europe is one of Japan’s major trading partners, the BoJ’s balance sheet […]

I Will Gladly Pay You 100 Years From Now, For a Hamburger Today

Mish asks, …please explain the need for government to borrow money in the first place. The same question applies to the US, China, Germany, and the rest of the world. There is no “need”, there is only political expediency of vote-buying promises that cannot be met with money that will never be paid back by […]

Big Japan trade deficits? So? We don’t need no stinking nuclear plants!

A few months after most of Japan’s nuclear power plants shut down, some people starting saying, “Hey! All those plants shut down and the world hasn’t ended! Maybe Japan doesn’t really need those power plants! Maybe it was all hype!” Yeah. That’s right. It was all just hype.

How to waste tax-payers’ money 101

As of March 2009, Japan‘s population is 127,076,183, via Demographics of Japan The Japanese government hires one million people. Compare this to the 1.7 million hired by the US government, to govern a population thrice as large as Japan’s. I don’t advocate kicking people out of jobs, but there are clearly inefficiencies that must be […]

Evernote: Which is more useful – a “later” tag or a “this week” tag?

  TSW (The Secret Weapon) is a GTD (Getting Things Done) system that integrates Evernote and Outlook for capturing and processing work, i.e. actionable items. The website has clear and detailed videos on how to set this up. For actionable items, I’d been using Dan Gold’s suggestion of “!Next” and “!!Today”. Then after watching TSW’s […]