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» Email Zen: Clear Out Your Inbox :zenhabits

Leo Babauta has written several useful posts on GTD. This one is about getting email inbox to zero (Leo uses Gmail), and I’ve emphasised one section: I have only one folder: Archive. When I respond to an email, or finish reading it if it doesn’t need response, or note it on my to-do list, I […]

More on tags or notebooks in Evernote

Over at the Evernote User Forum, there’s a useful discussion of the tags vs notebooks issue, and one commenter uses the same system as me. Dan Gold often recommends this commenter’s e-book “Evernote for Lawyers”, and incorporates some of his ideas into his own “Unofficial guide to capturing everything and getting things done”, now in its […]

2012/02/27 18:03 – What It Takes To Make A Leader: Singh

When I heard that the University of Tokyo announced in January that it would change the start of its academic year from spring to fall, it reminded me of this last condition. The announcement means more than just a change in the timing of enrollment; it is a trigger for debate on making Japanese universities […]

2012/02/27 11:21 – White Goods Shipments Fall 6.9% On Year In Jan

TOKYO (NQN)–Domestic shipments of large appliances dropped 6.9% on the year to 132.53 billion yen in January, marking the seventh straight month of decline, the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association reported Monday. In January 2011, shipments of air conditioners increased sharply due to the government’s eco-point sales incentives for energy-efficient appliances. But shipments fell this year […]

2012/02/25 06:29 – Osaka Gas, SunEdison Jump On Megasolar Bandwagon

OSAKA Nikkei–Osaka Gas Co. 9532 and U.S. firm SunEdison plan to get involved in the construction of large solar power plants in Japan, highlighting the strong interest in this growing field as the country promotes renewable energy with various policy incentives. Companies are investing on the view that the market is set to expand in […]

GTD Collection + Daily reviews and routines

Michael Kuhn writes about getting started with David Allen’s organizational method, GTD. His experience matches mine, although it’s taking me a few years rather than months: I know when I first started getting everything into my system, I had a ton of stuff I hadn’t put into my inbox because I didn’t have one. Collection […]

Evernote and GTD on an iPad

Update 2017-09-27: Here’s a more recent article which compares Evernote, OneNote and Google Keep. It also compares well with my article, being much more complete and professional. Yet another excellent article by the people at Cloudwards. Here’s an article by John Mayson on how he uses Evernote with GTD.  Below, I’ve added comments on how […]

Dumping Google Reader

I just realized (I’m a genius, I know – only took a year) that I have on this blog a list of the blogs I read regularly. Then what do I need Goggle Reader for then? Especially with their new privacy policy coming into effect soon. Let me take this opportoonity to introduce three new […]

Sunday laff

Keeping staff on their toes with special “what-if-an-inmate-escapes” training. I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily helps you make your WP blog GDPR compliant. Brett Kelly’s “Evernote Essentials”, Dan Gold’s $5 guides to Getting Everything Done with Evernote and Springpad, and DocumentSnap Solutions’ Paperless Document Organization […]

Gmail Man – YouTube

While you’re watching the video below, just remember: Google owns YouTube! [yframe url=’’] It’s funny because Google generated 1k “unlikes” in 1 day on this video because before – the likes were at a steady 100 above. I’ve been tracking all the computers on this page coming from Google addresses. It’s funny. They’re tracking me […]