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Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Premature Dollar Obituaries and Mainstream Economists’ Monetary Insanity; Keynes-Inspired Great Depression; Lessons Not Learned

One might have thought the Monetarists and Keynesians would have learned something from Japan. Instead, and in spite of debt to the tune of 230% of GDP, they came to the amazing conclusion “Japan did not do enough”. Two Rules There is never enough debt to satisfy Keynesians. There is never enough fiat currency to […]

Kyle Bass gives Japan just 18 months to live

Kyle Bass (click here for my blog posts where I mention Kyle) gives Japan just 18 months to live, in this interview in the Nikkei: 日本国債バブル「18カ月以内に崩壊する」米サブプライム危機を予見した男、「日本売り」公言 via 日本国債バブル「18カ月以内に崩壊する」  :日本経済新聞. His final words of advice: don’t trust the State; think for yourself:  「世の中で正しいと思われていることを、そのまま受け入れないということです。自分の力で考えて、常に論理的であろうとすること。我々はこれまで、中央銀行の バンカーたちが提示する世界観を受け入れるよう求められてきました。まるで彼らだけが真実の箱の中身が何かを知っているかのように。その彼らは今、無制限 にお金を刷り、経済の安定を何とか保とうと躍起になっています。しかし、この経済政策に限界が来ているのは明らかです。もはや、国家を信用することはでき ません。自らの力で考え、生き残っていかなければならない時代が来ているのです」 I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress […]

‘Fool in the Shower’ to Give Fed a Scalding: Caroline Baum – Bloomberg

Learned of Milton Friedman’s evocative image, “the fool in the shower” in this article, which Mish links to. I’ve underlined the truly astonishing part, for my busy readers’ benefit (don’t mention it!). You may need to read it twice (or ten times) to check you read it correctly the first time. Talk about double-take! What […]

How the Private Bankers Are Using the Financial Crisis to Reshape World Government | Murphy

[yframe url=’′] Bob Murphy’s talk is great background for what’s happening in the Eurozone. It provides some key economic facts and knowledge that allow you to make sense of news like this: Merkel Casts Doubt on Saving Greece, Insists ECJ be Empowered to Police Nannyzone; ECB insists on Profits on Greek Bonds; IMF Takes Tougher […]

Real life imitates art – India will buy Iranian oil with gold

In The Way to Freedom, Iceland abandons its fiat currency, shuts down its central bank and allows gold to be used as money. Iceland is then followed by Switzerland and (with a little armtwisting) China.  The rest of the world immediately sees the sense of this and enthusiastically follows suit. No, wait! That’s not what […]

Can we please move on?

[yframe url=’’] Clearly this poor Irish journalist cannot understand Bureaucrat-speak, which the German official speaks fluently, despite being German. via Mish: Irish Journalist Hounds ECB Official Regarding Irish Taxpayer Bailout of French and German Banks I recommend the following digital products: WP GDPR Fix, a WordPress plugin that quickly and easily helps you make your […]

Dealing with cancer

Someone I know was last year diagnosed with prostate cancer. They recently wrote me a letter. His doctor recommended a certain course of treatment. He decided not to take this recommended course at this time. Why not? What will he do instead? I reproduce below, with his permission, part of the letter he sent me. […]

“There has been so much orchestrated ‘good news’ that the bottom is probably about to fall out of the market.”

Quote of the day, from “Mish“. First, Mish quotes this article about China refusing to help the IMF bail out Europe. The IMF is proposing an expansion of its lending resources to safeguard the global economy against any worsening of Europe’s debt crisis, according to an official at a Group of 20 nation. The lender […]

The Challenge « The Challenge

Because I’m on Dan Raine’s email list, I was informed about this podcast. In the podcast, I discovered (among other, even more interesting facts) that Skitch just came out with a (free?) app for the iPad, and Skitch is now owned by Evernote. In the podcast, Ed or GuruBob says he loves Skitch coz he […]

Financial repression

What is financial repression? Is this something that you need to know about and understand?  It seems to be a way for the government to ensure there are enough purchasers of government bonds. But it also has a deadening effect on the economy as a whole. Why? First, let’s look at what financial repression is: […]