This looks interesting. More interesting would be a fuel-cell power pack that renders the household (or whatever the unit is) completely independent from the grid, power blackout or no. Also a cheaper price. The present price is about the same as roofing your house with solar panels.

Power generated by home fuel cell systems is normally combined with electricity from the grid. Fuel cell systems run on such fuels as city gas and liquefied petroleum gas but still use utility-supplied electric power to start up. Since the systems are integrated with the larger grid, they automatically shut down in outages so as to prevent electricity from flowing back.

JX Nippon Oil & Energy will sell a combination of a fuel cell system and a storage battery system from as early as next summer. The firm has conducted demonstrations and confirmed that the storage battery system continues to provide power when the grid goes dead.

The 6kwh storage battery system consists of 90 lithium ion batteries normally used in personal computers and costs about 1 million yen. The set will likely cost a total of 2.6 million yen to 2.7 million yen.

via 2011/09/08 03:30 – Fuel Cell System Keeps On Going In Blackouts.

And related news:

Kansai Electric Power Co. (9503) on Wednesday began the full operation of its 10,000kw solar power plant in the city of Sakai.

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