I mentioned earlier that I suspect TEPCO are out of their depth. It appears that others think so, too, and also, more encouragingly in a depressing kind of way, TEPCO are finally realizing this and overcoming their damned pride and asking for help.

PARIS (Kyodo)–Embattled Tokyo Electric Power Co. has asked nuclear power-related concerns in France for support in resolving the crisis at its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the French industry and energy minister said Monday.

TEPCO sought support from such concerns as Electricite de France SA, Areva SA and the Nuclear Energy Agency, Eric Besson said during a radio program. The country’s public radio said the details of the Japanese utility’s calls remain unknown.

EDF announced a set of relief measures March 18, including the dispatch of experts and robots to the Fukushima plant.

via 2011/03/28 21:43 – TEPCO Seeks French Help To Resolve Nuclear Plant Crisis.