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A peak into Japan’s future?

A peak into the future for Japan? Some people think that “deficits don’t matter” as Dick Cheney said in 2000, and the Washington Post reminded readers in 2004.  If you believe that, there is no need to read what follows. The tax hikes are quite massive : apart the tax on house ownership which was […]

Japanese government debt | Lenz Blog

Update: I recall Kyle Bass’s words: “Japan spends 50% of its tax revenues today on debt service today, of which half is interest… if interest rates move… 2%, their debt service will exceed their revenue.” Prof. Lenz writes that there’s really nothing to worry about: Japan Times reports that the sum of central and local government […]

How not to impress potential customers

From my inbox: Dear New York Times Reader, You may have received an e-mail today from The New York Times with the subject line “Important information regarding your subscription.” This e-mail was sent by us in error. Please disregard the message. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Sincerely, The New York Times […]

METI Chief Tells Tepco To Get House In Order First

Last night, there was an NHK documentary about the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. It included footage of the tsunami sweeping into the town taken by eye-witnesses, including some who were in their cars trying to escape at the time. Horrifying, and yet some miraculous escapes. In places, such as where the stream of water […]

Budget Plan Goes Easy On Spending Cuts |Nikkei

Who’d have guessed, eh? Oh, you would? TOKYO (Nikkei)–On its surface, the fiscal 2012 budget plan will adhere to fiscal discipline, but a deeper look reveals unrestrained spending. With 90.3 trillion yen in general-account spending, the plan to be finalized by the government on Saturday will mark the first year-on-year decline in initial-budget expenditures in […]

GE-Hitachi Proposes to Burn U.K. Plutonium Stockpile | The Energy Collective

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy has proposed to the U.K. government to build an advanced nuclear reactor that would consume the country’s stockpile of surplus plutonium. The technology is called PRISM, which stands for Power Reactor Innovative Small Module. If accepted, it would be very different than the other proposals to process plutonium, including those that […]

New Take on Impacts of Low Dose Radiation « Berkeley Lab News Center

I first heard about the LNT (linear non-threshold theory) of the health effects of radiation exposure via Prof. Lenz’s blog (I couldn’t find a search function on the blog, but here are a couple of items that came up in a Yahoo search: Bernard Cohen on LNT junk science and Nobuo Ikeda on LNT and […]

Should Japanese Government Bond rates go up just two percent…

Remember that Japan believed the same thing — they allowed a debt bubble to build up and then tried to treat it with more debt. In the space of the last 20 years they’ve taken public debt-to-GDP to 200%, the highest of all “modern” industrial economies. Has their economy exited recession and returned to strong […]

Effizienzhaus plus: German electric vehicle house | Lenz Blog

Prof. Lenz blogs indefatigably on the subject of solar energy production and other alternatives or emerging energy technologies. It’s all fascinating stuff, the stuff of dreams. Here’s just one recent extract. I learned that “inductive charging” means having your electric vehicle charge automatically, eliminating the need to mess around with cables. You just park it […]

Tragedy of the Euro

[yframe url=’’] How young he is! Philipp Bagus has written an excellent and interesting history of the Euro, which you can buy on the Ludwig von Mises Institute website or download for free from the same site. Read a summary of the interview on the GoldMoney site here. Here’s an excerpt: In this video Philipp […]