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Okubo Says Energy-Saving Efforts Limited Japan Output – YouTube

Okubo Says Energy-Saving Efforts Limited Japan Output – YouTube. “But this is a kind of scary situation, isn’t it? You’re talking about the country with the biggest public debt in the world about to spend a bunch more money (12 trillion yen, @ 1:26) rebuilding the country at a time when its producers the likes […]

OfficeDrop/ScanDrop | Evernote Corporation

Damn. Now I’m wondering if I need this… OfficeDrop makes it easy to get your paper documents into Evernote. Simply mail your documents to OfficeDrop, where they’ll scan them and upload them to your Evernote account. via トランク | Evernote Corporation. OfficeDrop offers cloud scanning (sounds like something you do lying on your back in […]

To get out of debt, buy more debt!

Well, it is Hallowe’en, so I’ve underlined the scary part to make sure you get the shivers. Japanese Prime Minister Noda offers vague promise.  Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda Japan on Friday offered vague promises that Japan will help Europe climb out of its debt hole, but left himself a week to decide how Japan might […]

a fifth of the cesium fell on Japan, most of rest fell into Pacific

Update: Lost the link to the original article, but here’s another one – Japan nuke radiation higher than estimated Well, that’s a bit of a relief, isn’t it? But read the headline if you want to raise your blood pressure  a few degrees: The Fukushima nuclear disaster released twice as much of a radioactive substance […]

To TPP, or not to TPP? That is the question.

Interesting and lively discussion in the comments to this Japan Today article about a large number of Japanese lawmakers opposing the TPP free trade agreement. So, that means they’re against free trade. Enuff said, no? The comments have the usual mix of complete ignorance with vague economic savvy. I think self-sufficiency in food is a […]

Add Dropbox to the Send To Menu in Windows 7, XP, and Vista – How-To Geek

Just started using Dropbox, so this little item caught my eye. It’s ridiculously simple. Check it out. And if you’re not yet a Dropbox user and want to know more, check out this Business Insider overview. Add Dropbox to the Send To Menu in Windows 7, XP, and VistaDropbox is one of the coolest utilities […]

There’s an app for that…

Update: the article I linked to below is very useful. It shows me how to do something that I’ve long wanted to learn how to do, namely sync calendars and tasks across applications. Basically it includes using Google sync. In his classic book Getting Things Done (GTD to the cognoscenti), Dave Allen points out how […]

More on Evernote

I’ve been using Evernote to go paperless (see previous posts here) and have come across some difficulties, particularly with using Evernote on the iPad. I’ve found the following websites very helpful, as models to copy, and also because they inspire creativity: GTD with Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010 – series links Daniel Gold’s The Unofficial […]

40 years on…

[yframe url=’’] I first saw this film when I was about 12 years old. I was already fascinated by birds, then – the feathered kind, I mean – and that was the main draw for me. It had a powerful impact. I don’t think I’ve seen it more than once or twice since then. There […]

What to Do if Your Ereader Is Lost or Stolen

Bought my Kindle3 a few months ago. Quite satisfied, although I prefer playing with my iPad2. Still, here’s some useful advice in case you ever lose your Kindle. If you lose your Kindle ereader, you’re mostly on your own. Amazon claims it is unable to locate the device via GPS, nor will the company remote-wipe […]